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LA Soup is serving at Bathtub Row Brewing, Co-op every Thursday for the month of February from 5:30-7:30 pm






Located by the Fireplace


You deserve good service!
Always Free Delivery to White Rock and Los Alamos
to your door.
505-913-1500 to ask what's on the Menu

 Go home Gourmet! Local Home Food Delivery Service.

For people who know quality food!


Get Souped Up for the weekend! Life gets busy, eating well can be a choice. LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is here so you can have a lifestyle and a life. You can eat well, and still have time for the things you love. Check out our diverse menu, select an option that suits you and we’ll get it over to you on selected days. Order enough for the weekend. LA Soup and Specialty Foods LLC doesn’t use margarines, msg, and preservatives. All stocks, broths, dressings, and pastry are made fresh. All ingredients are bought locally and selected for freshness and flavor. Let LA Soup be part of your food budget. Save on time, ingredients and labor. 

LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is proud to be New Mexico true certified! Look for menu items with this logo and know it is made with ingredients that are farmer market fresh, and made here on site. First and only company in Los Alamos to be Certified New Mexico true.


It’s simple. It makes sense. The BOTTLEBOX® is a full range of plastic take-out containers made of recycled beverage bottles.  With our strong focus on sustainable innovation and reducing our carbon footprint, we are all about making recycling attractive. Watch the BOTTLEBOX® Story to learn about the process, and learn how many bottles we’ve saved from landfill in our Green Together Video.

Our containers are a big hit with many of our customers who reuse them daily, but if you have too many or are not going to use them I will pick up on the next order to be recycled. Just leave them in the cooler. 

NOTE: 2-4 products are selected for the weekly menu...products are listed as sold out during weeks they are not available. 

White Rock and Los Alamos only - TUESDAY AND THURSDAY LEAVE COOLER OUTSIDE FRONT DOOR WITH ICE PACKS. Delivery before 6:00 pm. Santa Fe by request. 505-913-1500.

LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is also the first to offer personal phone calls for customers who don’t have computers and want a reminder every Monday morning regarding the menu for that week. Afterwards they can call in their order for delivery on Thursday afternoon. If interested in this service call Monica at 505-913-1500.

Attention: Visitors camping at the White Rock Visitor Center camp sites  and local hotels, LA Soup and Specialty Foods, can deliver to you. Call 505-913-1500 (Tuesday and Thursday Delivery Days)

All soups are in 32oz high quality, microwaveable and dishwasher safe containers. Actual product volume might be one ounce less to secure lid and prevent overflow. 


32oz = 4 cups
Half Gallon = 8 cups
Gallon = 16 cups